Annnabella Creamery sought a website redesign that was vibrant, fun, and informative, while expressing the brand story and product benefits. Furthermore, Annabella Creamery wanted users to be able to easily locate where to buy their buffalo milk yogurts, mozzarella, and dulce de leche products.  Lastly, the website aesthetic should compliment the existing colorful and impactful branding and packaging design. 


        package designed by Moxie Sozo

The Process

Initially in meeting, Annabella Creamery expressed their goals and deliverables they sought from the rebranding and website redesign project. Because Annabella Creamery already had defined their target audience, there was no need to identify the primary user groups, but being conscious of the wants and wishes of each user group ultimately effected the website redesign. Recognizing each user groups intent and purpose for the site visit was important and therefore user profiling was conducted. Competitive analysis was also researched to gain an understanding of the existing market standards and aesthetics, so the redesign could be distinct and unique website that stood apart from the market standard.

From this point, I conducted wireframes and sitemaps to concept and refine my design structure. Once I had a structure I was satisfied with, I moved into design implementation and asset creation to compliment the existing packaging and branding aesthetic. Once I had finished the website redesign, I passed my design to the development team who created a prototype of the site with limited interactivity for testing, evaluation and refinement. Working with the dev team allowed me to tweak my designs to improve usability and functionality. Finally, the limited interactive prototype was delivered and presented to the client for their review. 



I initially created numerous sketches to conceptualize the website aesthetic and layout. Illustrated below you can see my initial vision. I intended to have a clean, open website layout with varying digitally painted assets that complimented the packaging design.  Primary navigation was going to be stuck to the left side of the page, and would move along with the user as they scrolled through the one-page-design website.

E-commerce was not going to be a function of the site, but rather a primary goal was to show users where to buy the Annabella products and what vendors were selling their products. Because this was an important quality to Annabella Creamery, at any point the user can easily access where to buy the Annabella products in the top right hand corner of the screen.




To compliment the existing branding aesthetic, I created a variety of digital paintings of buffaloes and ingredients found in the Annabella Yogurts. Below are a sample of some of the digital paintings I created to ornament the website with.